Saturday, 11 May 2013

Roadtripping to ELTA Belgrade

I am currently balancing my laptop on my lap EXTREMELY carefully, so I can keep my Wi-Fi connection in my hotel room. I'm getting a very war-correspondent vibe, even though it's only a small thing, like a very erratic Internet connection.

Seven hours ago, when I was singing Tainted Love at the top of my voice driving to Belgrade, the conference seemed a hundred miles away. It was close to that, to be honest as we were only just leaving Zagreb. We were making incredible time and we agreed that we're definitely going to catch the dinner event. In Belgrade by eight, eight thirty the latest, at the restaurant at nine. What could possibly go wrong?

We got lost. I stand corrected we did not get lost, just everything else seemed to be temporarily displaced. And everyone seemed to know exactly where our hotel was, except for us. And their explanations got us there. Eventually. An hour later, wrinkled and slightly smelling of defeat.

Things turned immediately for the better when Branka Dečković showed up with two delightful colleagues from TETA, the Tuzla English Teachers' association (go check their website!) It's always a special treat meeting colleagues from the old common country.

Now I'd better get some beauty sleep. The conference starts very early. Too early for my liking. How about we all move our conferences after our second breakfasts?

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