Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pre-conference jitters

I both love and hate conferences.

I love the hustle and bustle of the conference itself, sitting down with your pristine brochure to underline or circle (or on one memorable occasion, surround with flowers and dancing unicorns) the workshops you wish to see. I love chatting with colleagues from all over Europe, I love sitting down for a coffee, head full of ideas, staring blankly into space as I think of all the wonderful things I can do with my sparkly new knowledge on Monday...

What I hate are the days leading up to the conference.

It seems that without fail ALL conferences must be preceded by days of frantic report writing, homework correction, test compiling and other tedious work that makes me want to punch through walls. When thinking about it, most of my days (in fact most teachers' days) are full of just that.

But before the conference, when all I want to do is fret about what to pack and which roads to take, I most definitely do not want think about fancy ways in which I can describe all the things I do during the school year.

I especially like the ELTA conference because it was home to my very own, only mine, first workshop. I was so nervous I nearly tripped going inside. You never forget your first and I'm so excited to return again this year, this time with a drastically different approach. 


  1. Hi Lea!
    It is true, all you said about conferences, I totally agree.
    Interestingly enough, it seems that many of us experience having their first presentation somewhere else, and not in their own country. I had my first presentation at the HUPE conference, this year! :)
    Looking forward to reading your blog :)

  2. Hi Lea,
    Looking forward to your future blog posts. And see you tomorrow.