Saturday, 18 May 2013

Post-conference euphoria

You know that lovely feeling you get after the conference, right? The feeling the world is a mollusc of your choice. The feeling of I-can! The feeling of wanting to spend your time learning something incredible and the feeling you're going to wow your class on Monday.

It usually lasts till Tuesday for me. But, on the bright side, this blog helps me relive the experience and that's why, dear reader, you should blog too.

Driving home from Belgrade was an experience. Sharing a car with another teacher, talking about life, the universe and teaching, what a great way to finish the conference weekend.

After singing this at the top of our voices (preparation for the Tuzla conference!)...
(Note: There's an argument about Tesla in the comment section - surreal!)

...the discussion invariable turned to music in the classroom. Useful songs were shared, useful activities discussed. And here are two tools to check out:

Lyrics Training

Step 1:

Step 2:
Step 3:

Rock on! There's an option to listen to the last line again (Backspace) and to skip a word you don't understand (Tab).

If you log in, you can try and beat a high score and see how you compare to other players on the same level.

I usually recommend this to my 1-1 students. It's great for practicing listening and spelling in a fun way. It's an old site but well worth revisiting.


Nanananananana nananananana BATMAN!

But for reals, this is a wonderful site with searchable lyrics. The idea came via Nik Peachey's blog.
You can search for the construction you want to practice and choose the song you think will be the most useful.

It also has an embed option.

Here, have a worksheet to go with it!  Listening + Reported speech. Yes, I know there are other songs more appropriate to teach the Reported Speech, but I like this one.

What to do with it? I used it for introducing the Reported Speech. It could also serve as:

  • a cross-curricular link with history - prisoner deportation
  • a starting point for creative writing: a story from the POV of the wife, the cheated husband, the accused, the bailiff, the cat on the docks...
  • lots of Past Perfect here for all you grammar freaks
I'm sure you have a lot of ideas. You could even show them the original and have them compare the two songs or the two videos.

The possibilities are (almost) endless.

End note:

To edit the pictures you see here I use PicMonkey, because they seem to be the only ones who offer the arrow stamp :P

In the course of writing this post I've also reasearched the online gap-fill maker options. There are none. At least nothing that is free, online and embeddable.

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