Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Joy of Infographics

I have recently discovered the joy of Infographics, which means my whole presentation for the conference is now undergoing a major redesign, three days before I am supposed to deliver it. Oh, four-letter-words and ASCII characters...

Infographics are these lovely little pictures with which you can tell a statistical story. Oh, what fun, I hear you say sarcastically. I promise you, they are cute and colourful, just what a magpie like me likes. Here's a link to someone who knows WAY more than me about it.

I've recently employed Infographics as an alternative assessment tool. I'm covering statistics - large numbers, fractions, decimals and other things that make most people yawn. So I directed my boys to this webpage and told them to record themselves describing the data. Of course the criteria for assessment was given in advance and it all worked out perfectly. Or as perfectly as any homework works out.

What I like about infographics:

  • they make assessment look less intimidating
  • they allow you to visualise a bunch of numbers, quite hard to do for some people
  • when you make one, you feel like you discovered cold fusion - look at the beauty I have produced! And there's a whole lot of generators out there that let you post infographics with minimum amount of fuss.
  • some sites generate infographics for your Facebook posts, twitter activity and your page activity. It could be used as a conversation prompt for the topic of social media. If your students tweet, they can compare themselves to a celebrity of their choice. Or you could explore the life of a hashtag to see what's hot and what's not in the world of Twitter.

What I dislike:

  • if you want to have something highly specific, the templates offered just don't cut it. I have at least four new grey hairs from when I decided to put our IATEFL Slovenia conference feedback into an infographic.
And lastly...
So, I heard you like infographics, so I made an infographic about infographics.


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  2. Faiz, thanks a lot for linking this, it is indeed useful.